18 year old dating 14 year old wrong

Be ready for some family scrutiny though, as it is likely she hasn't had much dating experience. Get her home on time or you will likely have the sheriff at your door. If she sticks her hand down your pants, calmly remove it and say "nothing to see there, move along. You have to remember, OP, that lots of folks here have sex on the brain, it's just that kind of place. There is nothing at all wrong with your dating her.

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Lonely - I don't doubt your sincerity and that your interests in her are non-prurient. However, play this out for a second.

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She's a year old girl - a "tween". At that age, girls are prone to all kinds of irrational actions, immaturity, etc. My fear for you is that if you break up with her, or she gets her feelings hurt, she can cause a LOT of trouble for you, ie. THAT would be enough for me to stay away. The risk is too great. And a sex offender label is one that will follow you for LIFE, complete with forced registry every time you move, and admission on every job application.

Plus, I wasn't allowed to date until I was 15 and in high school, and even then, I could only date high school boys. And why do you have no interest in sex at 18?


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There could be trouble if things don't go smoothly. At the very least I think you need her parents blessing. It's easy to say you don't want sex right now, but don't you think that will change if you're dating for awhile? Follow 6 Wait 'till it's legal.

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Follow 7 If they 'do anything' the older one will probably be done for statutory rape. Even a 16 and 19 year isn't seen as good so you'll risk a lot with a 15 year old. Posted from TSR Mobile.

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Follow 8 Follow 9 Original post by karmacrunch If you guys 'do anything' the older one will probably be done for statutory rape. Follow 10 Original post by Mr Rape is involuntary to one person Follow 11 If no sexual activity is involved then it's fine. Follow 12 Original post by karmacrunch Read up on what statutory rape is before you argue with me Jan.

Follow 13 Follow 14 Also, a bit weird. But, since it's legal, do as you wish. Follow 15 I know what it is However if the girl wants to do it, it technically isn't rape. I put it in bold for you. Follow 16 Follow 17 Follow 18 And when you think about it, when she turns 15, I'll be 17 for a few more months, then 18, then as we get older, for example, I'll be like 25, she'd be 22, no problem.

But I think the problem is the thing of maturity, like a 15 year old going with a 12 year old sounds nasty What are you guys take on this, thanx for reading the thread, with such a length to it. Oh, and btw, Im not really looking for a relationship, she might be, but not me and if I find she is I'll have to let her know that.

I probably wont be in contact with her when I turn 18, I'll be off to college When your 18 its gonna make a difference, atleast in Ohio it would.

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Eddie Guerrero Obsession a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. P Nothing illegal about dating someone. Seriously, 2 years younger upto 18 should be as young as you go.

What Do I Need to Know About Age of Consent?

Anymore and that's just kinda wrong. A year and 2 years younger fine.. You cross the line there. Are you a Student working at this School?? I for one see nothing wrong with you dating if you are both students, you hardly from your post seem mature enough to be a "predator" if you are not a student, start looking for another job, if her mother finds out, BANG fired.

Took me 1 year to get fat, how long will it take me to get unfat again I am a student at a highschool, and I work there, I have co-op. The post about me not being able to get girl my age, was that towards me or the 18 yr old dating the 14 yr old? I am a good-looking guy. If it was aimed at me, I talk to lots of girls my age, but I do tend to like younger girls, as women like older guys, they prefer it over same -age guys. I talk to 11th graders mostly, and am friends with 12th graders, plus alot of them are odler than me because of my late birthday.

I probably should be an 11th grader, cause I got a break, I started kindergarden when i was 4, but turned 5 a few months later, so yea, I probably should be in the 11th if I started my education later