Can you hook up a combo amp to a cabinet

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But it does have a speaker out jack socket, that connects to either its own speaker OR an extension cab. Its speaker, and the two 12" speakers, both happen to be 4ohms. Problem is, your FMR looks like its hardwired.

Tough to tell from the pics I'm looking at from the fender site. Try to see if the two wires from the speaker goes into a jack somewhere underneath.

Can I hook up a 1x12 combo amp to a 2x12 cabinet and use all three speakers?

If not, you'd have to snip those, and solder something like this to connect to the champion: I'm sure you're thinking, what about the power amp in? I'm not to sure about plugging directly to the power amp in of the fm, but I think the smaller amp needs to have a pre-amp out in order to properly slave the fm for more power. Slaving will give you more power possibly more volume , but the fm's power section will color the sound, and I'm not sure if it could be done without a pre out on the champion. Totally different than just using the speakers of the fm, where you have the champion's sound and use the bigger speakers to move more air.

Combo Amp to 4x12 speaker cab | Harmony Central

Hello guys newbie question here. I've tried google but i can't seem to find this kind of extension cable for speakers. If not, where will the speaker in the combo draw power from? I plug my blackheart killer ant into my blues junior's speaker in the same way. It has a short cable too, i just sit the head behind the cab. Its the head that powers the speaker you don't need to turn the combo on.

Be careful doing this with tube amps as they must never be turned on without a speaker or dummy load.

Power Amp In is the return jack of the effects loop. You plug an amp into that jack, you can kiss both amps goodbye.

Combo Amp to 4x12 speaker cab

Big John , Mar 17, If you want to run both the head and the combo through the same speaker, you will need what's called a "head splitter". Having said that I will get to my worry!! I bought a Spider IV combo.. Here is where I get concerned The "L" channel of the cab.

If you only have the L from the amp plugged into the cabinet, then the left channel is going through the cabinet and the right channel thorugh the right speaker in the combo amp. If the left speaker in the combo is working too, then something's not right and you are overloading the amp due to the combined impedances,.

Combo Amp to 4x12 speaker cab

No, TRS tip-ring-sleeve cables won't do you any good. When you plug into the speaker output jacks on the combo amp, the internal speakers are automatically cut out of the circuit. Combo Amp to 4x12 speaker cab , Hello, I'm new to the forums, and this may be a typical noobie question, but It'd be pretty cool it I can do this. I just bought an Orange Crush 30R. I love the sound of this amp, and would like to use it at my band practice.

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I have a Fender Frontman watt head and cab that I use there. Can I use the combo amp in place of the head?

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  4. Combo Amp to 4x12 speaker cab.

The Orange combo has a Line out, and I figured I could just connect it to the cab through there? I really hope so I'd love to use it at practice, and we have no P. The Line Out on the Orange Crush will not be of high enough signal to run the 4x12 cab. Plug in to the Orange's amp input, and play! Originally Posted by Spacehog26 Sonic Maximisers are