Chicago vs nyc dating scene

Originally Posted by sportsguy The condo prices in "downtown" Chicago are pretty good considering what it is. Building is probably under 10 years old. It's going to go up though, sometime. Plus some more around Gold Coast. At the start of another building boom it seems.. A number of these places are luxury too, but we'll see about the supply vs. I only think some is perspective development. Businesses who moved their HQ out to the burbs awhile ago are slowly moving back. Google is about to move of its newly acquired Motorola Mobility division back to the River North area within the next small handful of months.

Here's What People Who Ditch Chicago For New York Miss Most: Chicagoist

Don't choose anyone of those, especially NOT Miami. Philly also has the safest and most vibrant downtown compared to the cities on the list. So, if you were thinking about relocating to New York, move to Philly instead. It will be the best decision in your life. Search for jobs in those three.

Where you find a job is where you will live. Single, not needing to worry about locating a family or something like that go where the job takes you. A good job in any one of thoses cities and you will porbably be pretty happy. I agree that there are probably a lot more single people in their 30's living in NYC then any of the 3, and that home ownership will probably not happen in NYC either..

Miami is probably a pipe dream, I realize the weather is nice but its really not a place for jobs people are telling me. I just really like NYC more then Chicago, I realize Chicago has its fine points, I've traveled there many times, but NYC seems like such a better overall city compared to Chicago in terms of things to do, diversity, and whatnot.. I see alot of segregation in Chicago it seems between the black and white communities.. I've traveled to Brooklyn though and there seems to be some segregation there, but Manhatten is pretty much what a big city should be.

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If I could get hired in NYC I guess I wouldnt mind renting there in my 30's, for 10 years Id say, before I purchase a house, by then Ill be in my 40's and ready to buy a house in another area, seems like a good plan as long as I could get hired.. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick.

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Red Line To Your Heart: What Makes Chicago's Dating Scene Distinct?

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Race for the Skies: Chicago vs. New York - The B1M

On Friday nights, wait patiently for the "guy you're talking to" boyfriends do not exist in New York to get off work at his investment bank. Start thinking about dinner at A few tick-tocks past midnight, exit your cab at a bar with no sign on the door that will not exist in four months.

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