Christian dating after 40

I had seen these types of testimonies on TV, but it had not occurred to me there might be similar ones on the internet. I am not seeing any personal benefit to following the rules, since I am not being compensated for it in anyway but the rule breakers are getting off scot free. Then, if and when you point all these inconsistencies out, you are correct, instead of being consoled by most Christians over this situation, you will be scolded for it, or told you are being prideful. Speaking as a year-old man and lifelong celibate, I empathize with many of your points.

And I could drive myself crazy with these thoughts. All this to say, I understand that it works both ways, and our Enemy is quick to bury us with lies about God that would dismantle our hope. Hope in itself is a dangerous thing. Without it we are void of the expectations that crush us.

And yet the writer of Hebrews consides it prerequisite for faith So the question is, would you or I risk our relationship with God for the sake of hope? At the same time, I think many of your arguments are based in a faulty understanding of justice. But scripture says that this is justice: Not just at the end of our lives. We are already sinners.

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Thus, just as the ex-strippers have received grace in marriage, you and I have received it by the very measure of waking up this morning. Inevitably, the God that created you and I determines justice, and our attempts to create our own will always fall short. Could I truly appreciate His grace if I felt I had earned everything I had received through my sexual purity, including marriage?

Could the ex-stripper truly appreciate grace were she not accepted by a Godly husband in the purest way? Must not have been. Two different measures — the same God who owes us nothing. He gives because He knows exactly what we need to find Him, and that has to be good enough. That said, everything you state about the church is true. Hebrews 11 would have me think the opposite is true.

It is easy to believe when you desire nothing: But to seek Him despite evidence to the contrary of its fulfillment? That requires a miracle. For a year-old man to live without sex and trust that a righteous woman would be honored by that someday?

Nothing short of a miracle driven by faith. The world is still paying for that sin. This is much bigger than how you feel about older Christians having sex outside of marriage. This is about what you know of God and whether you know Him to be trusted. I hope you want to get married to a true Christian woman, because if you do…I know plenty of them who are sitting in church living chaste lives for Christ and praying for a husband…Come on over here!!!!! The topic is marriage and singleness, not salvation, not heaven and hell.

The ex stripper has a husband. I obeyed God, she did not.

How Do I Date in My 40's?

The ex stripper and I both ultimately deserve hell, but in living life day to day, one still gets a husband — the other does not. I simply pointed out that lots of people are committing fornication anyway and are not being penalized -AND — even more unbelievably — they are being BLESSED with great husbands, homes, jobs, etc.

God did not hold them accountable for their sexual escapades, and there was no fall-out or consequence from or for their sins. There was even one testimony by a Christian 25 year old woman who was so promiscuous, beginning when she was a teen, that she contracted a disease from the sexual activity.

I'm not in that age group but I know that it's not always easy for them.

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Your tips would be helpful and I know that your message is being appreciated. Keep on the good work. I re-tweeted this post. Nekky, thank you for allowing God to use you to forward the message of hope to others who are in the age group. I really appreciate your supporting comments. My dearest Cynthis, I feel I should share this testimony to inspire the ladies out there, never to give up.

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I have a son, his name is Peter and he just turned 43yrs. Peter has a Jesus heart, he is a beautiful soul. Years ago he married a woman who gave herself around to everyone. He loved her so much he thought she would change.

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She didn't, and ended up leaving him. He has continued to choose the wrong kind of woman, but finally, we, his family, are very happy about the new one he has met. This was through Facebook and she was a friend of a friend of a friend. Get a platonic male friend to help you or review it, maybe your brother. Just enlist the help of a man. They are great at things like this. They can point out what your doing wrong or tell you what to say and what not to say. Be Hones t — One of the top complaints of men online is that women post pictures that are out of date.

Older Christian Singles and Celibacy (There Are No Consequences for Sexual Sin)

Of course you do. Post lovely yet current pictures. Be clear about what your looking for. Be honest about who you are. Simple, direct, and to the point.

You get the idea. When is the last time you updated your look?

Don't Settle for Crumbs: Hope for Christian Singles

Have you changed the ways you apply your make up or wear your hair in the last decade? Have you bought any new styled clothes? Doing this is as much about looking good for a man as it is about feeling good about yourself. A confident woman who takes care of herself and looks healthy is a man magnet.

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Do dress age appropriately. You want to be that confident mature 40 and fabulous hot mamma. Check out Coldwater Creek, Ann Taylor. Check your baggage at the door or better yet leave it at home. But what are the good things about you?

Marry Over 40 By Faith: Single Christian Woman Without One Prospect: What To Do

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