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Juan Talega was in his seventies when he first set foot on a stage, and it was thanks to Antonio Mairena who discovered this copper skinned, gravel voiced singer who before only ever sang in his hometown of Dos Hermanas in Seville. Jerez de la Frontera produced the biggest crop of flamenco artistes, and the area of Santiago seemed to be the very center of it, and the small back streets like Calle Nueva and Calle Cantararia are believed, by the gypsies, to have been the area were the very first seed of cante jondo was sown.

If you were to look at a genealogical tree of flamenco artistes, you would find that many are related, and whether it is by blood link or by marriage these dynasties are almost just one big family. If you visit some of the small areas like the Barrio Santiago in Jerez or Utrera in Seville you will find that they still hold on very dearly to their age-old flamenco tradition.



As we have seen, this area was also responsible for a good proportion of the flamenco artistes, and with the addition of dancers like El Farruco , Christina Hoyo, Manuela Carassco, and guitarists Diego del Gastor and Melchor de Marchena we can see why it is respected with so much importance. By the mid nineteen sixties commercial flamenco had given the art another facet, and the tourist tablao was again dividing the art of flamenco in two.

Fortunately today the image of the tablao is a little more serious, and gone are the gimmicks like playing the guitar from behind your neck, or overly acrobatic styles of dance that were in no way a representation of the art of flamenco. Cameron de la Isla was to become the most imitated cantaor in flamenco history, hoards of young singers looked to him as a god, as he was the first and nearest thing that they had had to a flamenco idol of rock star status. This young gypsy from San Fernando was to turn the flamenco scene on its head, and in when he died at the age of just forty-two, the legend was born.

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Cameron de la Isla was to lead the new era of flamenco fusion in which his versatile gitano voice was fused with many different styles of music, including one disc recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Suddenly scores of new flamencos were created, most in the style of Cameron, and the nineteen eighties and nineties was an era when flamenco fusion dominated the charts with artistes like the Gypsy Kings, Remedios Amaya , and Ketama.

But he also records many pop style Cds where he fuses flamenco using drums bass and keyboards, and his performances that promote the Cds are little less than a pop concert. If you have ever listened to a twangy, tinny sounding old guitar, accompanying a gravel, almost out of tune, ancient style of voice, rusty and dry as if straining for its last breath and rhythmed only by the rapping of knuckles on a table top, then you will have probably witnessed Cante Jondo , which is flamenco in its purest form.

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If at some stage whilst listening to this ancient song you have felt as though death has passed over the top of you, making your skin tingle and your emotions clash, from joy and sheer excitement, to the depths of sorrow, and pain, then you could also have experienced duende. There are also many who believe that for flamenco to survive another two hundred years, it must move with the times, and fortunately we are able to make the decision as to which we prefer personally.

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There are many new young artistes, who like their ancestors, are continuing this fantastic art we call flamenco. Another sensation was born in Barcelona in by the name of Miguel Poveda , and this young singer has the echo the of ancient fathers when he sings his personal but orthodox style of cante. Search Hotels in Andalucia.

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  • Imagine spending the night in a Spanish castle, or how would you like to stay in an ancient monastery or a convent? The major international Car rental companies have offices in most Andalucian cities and at the major airports such as Malaga Airport.

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    Flamenco is an integral part of Andalucian culture. Show only available hotels. This legendary festival takes place in September every two years so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy passionate flamenco dancing. The first Flamenco Biennial has been held in And since there has been "Septiembre es flamenco" festival occurring in odd-numbered years. La Bienal de Flamenco includes competition with a range of shows and performances, the combination of song and dance. The selection is done by the festival's artistic committee, which includes five key figures from the flamenco world, and an advisory committee made up of ten experts.

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    The Biennial lasts usually for one month, while "Septiembre es flamenco" goes on for two weeks. She might also cook you a traditional healthy soup. About Advertise with us. Parties are a lot more fun. More like this How to piss off a Spaniard. Travel Rock climbing in Mallorca, Spain: Matador's growing Creators Community is the place to connect with fellow travel journalists.

    Search Hotels in Andalucia

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