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David Spark dspark is a veteran tech journalist and founder of Spark Media Solutions , a firm that helps companies build their industry voice through storytelling. There used to be an old saying, "You won't meet anyone if you don't go out. Online dating allows us to meet MORE people by being a recluse.

Not only will you see more people, you can find exactly the person you want, or so we've been led to believe. If you've always wanted an athletic guy, who's Mormon, likes travel, and lives within 20 miles of you, you can find him! Now when this person doesn't turn out to be the love of your life, then something's obviously wrong with him.


You know what you want. You checked all the right boxes. Database queries should be infallible. The guy was made to order. He just came out bad. I have seen this behavior more so in women, than in men. When I get into conversations with women about dating, they always paint a picture of who their ideal mate is. I remember being in a car with three women who each went through a laundry list of criteria for their perfect mate.

All I could think was "good luck. But these criteria can sometimes be very strong. So strong that people simply won't look at others outside of a specific category, such as religion. And in those cases, there's no point signing up for a general site like Match. In that case, join JDate.

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Religion isn't the only "must have" criteria for some people. There are many many more. And for every criteria, strange fascination, or fetish somebody has, there is not only another person out there for you, but there's an entire market of interest. Enough interest to launch an online dating site.

On Saturday night, Valentine's Day, with my wife waiting to go out, I scoured the online singles scene and put together a collection of the most unusual and unique online dating sites. This is one of those sites that people want to simultaneously join, protest, and mock. The site owners maintain a poorly updated blog where they keep track of all their complaints. There's also a list of their criteria , plus they maintain a list of top ranked beautiful daters. I believe this site is on the up and up, but I don't think they beta tested it with many or if any members.

The site just launched on Valentine's Day and as of today there's a whopping 15 male members and 11 female members. The service sounds like it serves a needed niche, but maybe we should be happy that it remains unsuccessful.

Very low tech site where you pay a small fee to get the snail mail address of a woman in prison. If you're interested in this you should definitely read the FAQ. The site owners don't know what these women are in for but they do warn you that any correspondence will inevitably result in requests for you to send money. Ladies, this is what you've been looking for.

A chance to spend an entire evening discussing who was the best Star Trek captain and if the original Star Trek "Tribble" episode really was the best episode ever. I guess there are a lot of people really into Star Trek. Is someone talking down about your current set of friends and family?

Because, remember, that's your support system. Be aware of people you don't know very well trying to distance the supportive people in your life. That's a real telltale sign — they're testing the waters to see how much you'll bend to meet someone else's expectations. Early in the relationship it may be something like, 'I like it when you wear your hair that way,' or 'I saw this person who had their hair this way, maybe you could try that.

But what happens later in the relationship when it's something more serious? Like, 'I don't want you talking to anyone else unless I'm around.

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They start off with someone trying to get you to change yourself. They're trying to see how far they can get you to adjust to please them. That's a warning sign that someone's trying to rush you into a commitment before you've had a chance to know the other person. Things like, 'Let's not talk to other people, let's be exclusive and see where this is going,' if it's online. Pressuring to meet up or incessant contacting. I think it's not unusual in this day and age to send tons of text messages back and forth. But the point at which that messaging is interfering with your daily activities and the person seems upset if you're not responding — that's such a warning sign.

If you say, 'Look, I have a lot going on in my life right now, could we just agree to only communicate in the evenings,' and then see if the person tries to contact you during the day time.

'Dirty John' May Be Extreme, But Everyone Will Recognize These Online Dating 'Crimes'

It tells you about the person and whether or not they are willing to respect a relatively innocuous boundary, which later on might be, 'I don't want to have sex. What else can you find out about the person? We all have multiple social media accounts. There are ways that you can go about checking on if the person is really who they say they are. Is that a picture of that person or is that a photoshop?

And how important is that to you? So if you're giving away all the details of your life, for example, and one of those is, 'My job doesn't know that I'm gay,' — that's a piece of information that you've handed to someone that they can use to coerce or control you.

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Or using your tenuous relationship with your family to try to keep you from them. Especially in smaller communities, there's pressures to stay in a relationship that's toxic because of the misperception that you'll never find another person who will accept you.

So if you're community is extraordinarily small, or if the community of people who accept you as a trans person [for example] is extraordinarily small then you're more likely to stay in relationship that is physically or emotionally abusive because you feel like if you leave or sever the relationship or try to set limits you may end up alone for the rest of your life. A better strategy is to approach a friend or family member and say, 'I want to see you happy. I want to see you with someone who loves and respects you.