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And, the funniest bit is that I find most other people I run into or get messaged by on Facebook are people asking questions about getting work done, as if I do it myself. But, perhaps the best part about dating a tattoo artist is the fun. You must be logged in to post a comment. Justin Haug September 24, Literally September 20, Matt Tuck — Exclusive Interview — Bullet for John Cooper talks Skillet and Fight the In Depth with Rome Ramirez — Laziness is a Drug — Jerry Magni interviews Tattoo Articles Tattoo Shops.

And everything becomes about the work… When you begin a relationship with an artist—whether a tattoo artist, street artist, or any other format—you have to understand this: The Life of a Tattoo Shop Wife was last modified: December 8th, by Elisha Belden. You may also like. Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos October 29, Secrets April 24, Ankle Tattoos May 7, Thinking of getting a Leave a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. That's what worried me more than anything.

It is not easy dating a tattoo artist. Tell me, how can you be sure he is tattoo at around 2: I convinced myself that yes, he loves me and he would not do stuff i won't like. So, far, we are good. I have access to all his social sites, I maintain his FB page. I know all his phone password. I'm married to a tattoo artist, we've been together for 5 when I met him tattooing was his side job and has since improved an incredible amount and now works at a shop and is the one that is mainly being requested.

I have trust issues I always have honestly I think it's because of my mother I've had three long term relationships two of the three have cheated on me and damaged me a great deal one of those being my husband. He's never cheated on me with a client it was an ex but my husband is good looking and I'm sure there is lots of girls who would love to sleep with him there is always clients that tell him how sexy and good looking he is.

Long story short I'm a very jealous person but I pick and choose my battles. I can't be mad at him because someone thinks he looks good. However I'm finding it such a hard time dealing with him tattooing girls in private areas!!! Like underboob, or butt tattoos you know just private areas. It's not that I don't trust him I do to an extent, I don't feel he's cheating on me now and he claims he wouldn't now that we have a family he understands and wouldn't want to lose what we have for a piece of ass as he says. I don't think he'll feel on the girl either.

But I do think he'll check her out and it's just the fact that he's touching another woman in a private that drives me crazy animalistic nature he agreed not to tattoo those areas but since he's been in the shop his boss is pressuring him to tattoo anywhere and not care about my feelings. So how can I deal with being OK! Is there anyone else who Hates it or was that way? How can I be more supportive of all of his work. What worked for you? I have been with my tattoo artist for almost 10 years now, even tho we aren't married I consider him my husband I have known him since we were 12 years old and he is my high school sweet heart and the father of my 7 year old son I did that out site out of mind thing and it helped a lot but it wasn't easy to forget what he did I couldn't understand why he did it and what I did to deserve it I mean once he found out he wanted to be a tattoo artist I gave up my dream to be a hair dresser for his dream to come true I came into this Industry with him and supported him in anyway shape or form I mean I have been there for him through all the good and bad and yet my worst fear happened he cheated and broke my heart and family up I knew what we were getting into and what kind of life style it was but I trusted him I mean all I ask for is once in a while spend more time with me and his son but it never happens until I cry my eyes out to him I didn't want to go down this road again but after a week he calls me say I was right and he needs me to help him balance his work and us out I don't know how to go by this or deal with it How did u deal with it and how did you get them to see they don't have to separate their career from their family???

I agree with alot of the stuff on here, i guess i googled and this came up, its so stressfull at times. Ive been with my man for over ten years we have a child and he opened a tattoo shop 3 years ago he runs it solely and is the only artist so all day into the eveings its just him and his client in the chair. I trust him but its the other girls i dont trust, ive seen messages that are obviously flirting and he acts obvlivious to it and talks back in a manner that if it were me he was talking to i would consider flirting.

He would get mad at me if i acted the way he does, towards other guys i spoke to. But "its just buisness" aparently. I guess if your other half was a model it would be hard too! Like someone said above, they come home to you at the end of the day. Like any other guy who is just out doing their job, earning a living for you and your family.

Be proud that your tattoo artist other half is making a decent living and has a lot of respect for from complete strangers, their egos may be big! But at the end of the day, like any relationship, expecially in todays society with social media taking over our lifes, if its meant to be it'll work cos you both will make it work, by respecting each other, caring for, communicating openenly, trusting and loving.

So I am 22, and my tattoo artist boyfriend is I have a two year old daughter and we live in interior Alaska. He works long hours some days. For a while I thought he was cheating on me, but I honestly don't think he is. It's hard to accept him being a tattoo artist but I'm slowly and surely getting there. I trust him but sometimes find myself questioning him, sadly. I fear he flirts He first met me in a bar and "fell in love with me at first sight. He apparently has a strict rule never to date your clients. I'm just scared and paranoid it seems for no reason. He is a good man and a well respected tattoo artist.

I fear he will find someone else in the chair. We are pretty good at being honest with each other, which is key. We constantly remind each other that we trust and love each other with respect. Dating a tattoo artist is not easy, and probably never will be. But, building that foundation is key for his profession to be tolerable. He is a very good, funny man. So some days I will accuse him of flirting and cheating with no real tangible which is childish on my part and learning to stop it asap because it's not fair.

I love him with all I have and hope it lasts forever. Omg i need this Facebook group. I have been with my man for 7 years and we just had our son 1 year ago. I'm so glad I'm not alone. Omg lady you literally took it out of my mouth. I love your post it truly shows how it is out there. When I started dating my man he always charged me, my friends kept asking "why is he charging you", "you guys are going out he should do free ink on you".

Hell no I didn't even think about it and tip him as much as I could when I went to the shop. Some people will never understand this business and what tattoo artists are going thru every day. Between trying to make some decent money and being blown off by people constantly, it makes me angry every day. We gotta support our men and be there for them they are sensitive and beautiful people and others need to understand it. I dated a tattoo artist for 3 years never again. I myself have a very high profile career and have never been tempted with many of the offer that came my way from celebrities because I was deeply in love in a committed relationship.

Well not mt tattoo artist boyfriend. How many time I caught him cheating on me I lost count a long time ago. Screwing women in the shop. I have never been an insecure woman , know how it is to have to deal with someone in this field because I have had ex boyfriends who had to deal with me being with celebrities all the time.

He has tattooed every stripper in town so every where we go it's hot sexy women speaking to him and being very friendly. Im thinking no problem they pay him good money and he taking care of home so be friendly Oh silly me thinking oh they just like hanging out here because the shop is cool He was the most trifling thing I have ever dated and yes the other artist in there were hoes also but not as bad as he. If you choose to date a tattoo artist like someone said earlier its like dating a celebrity So glad to see Im not alone in struggling through this relationship. I love my bf so much but im worried about the person he'll become by spending all of his time surrounded by the people in the tattoo industry-people I can't really seem to connect with.

I definitely trust him but my biggest issue right now is that i hate hate hate the way the shop treats him. I worry that they are killing him! Every time he starts to handle the work load better they pile more on. The hours are ridiculous. I understand this is part of it but it's so hard.

I want to talk to his boss but I know that's the worst idea. I get that there's this hazing aspect he has to go through, but how am i supposed to sit idly by and let it happen? He's my boo and i care about his well-being and right now he has none And i have had to learn to keep my opinions about how insane they treat him to myself and just let him vent.

But its terrible and creates a wall between us because i can't be honest with him. I used to be honest but then we'd just end up arguing so now I keep my mouth shut around him anyway. I hate the shop. I think it's all so petty. But I know that's a very juvenile way to feel because he's getting the opportunity to make a living as an artist and that's absolutely the best thing for him-better than having me in his life. I would never let him pick me over tattoing but i really want him to And how long he's going to be treated this way.

And how long im willing to put up with it. And how long he's willing to put up with it. Sorry for the rant. Does anyone have any insight into how they coped? It appears from your comments that its not changing any time soon.. Thanks so much for this! Glad I'm not the only one I do have trust issues, even though he's the most trustfull guy there is. I try to work on that 'cause I hate the feeling. I just have this HUGE urge to check what the women look like on facebook while he is tattooing them. I think just to give me some peace of mind but sometimes it makes things worse in my head..

Also have this urge to show up at the tattooshop to show him some love so the female client knows there's someone in his life already. If I'm honest, I'm worried more about being "stepped on" or "feeling passed" by those women who I know try to flirt. He has proven that over and over. I just canmt stand the feeling of being passed by another women, most of them know he has a girlfriend. They just don't care, think they're better than me, can offer more than me. I would love to teach them a lesson and tell them a thing or two but can't since they're paying clients Now we don't live together anymore, but are back together.

I try to trust him but have horrible insecurities due to his past with his ex and the "breaking up cause he may cheat" we are doing more together now like conventions ect together. But he's not as open now about being back together. Also he broke up with me cause I wasn't "good enough ". What would your advice to them be? I'm gonna try to keep this very short. My boyfriend work at one of the most well known shops in central fl. We lived together for 5 months and HE broke it off cause the family life I have 2 kids not his and tattoo life don't mix.

He wants to travel and up and leave whenever , also broke up with me in the fear of he may cheat on me. Thank you for this really interesting article, I have been with my boyfriend who is tattooist for almost a year and I had been wondering why we have so many squabbles. You've worded everything I've ever wanted to vent out about my frustrations.

I get really jealous as he's had to tattoo many of his admirers, followers and even models before which for someone like me who isn't a model it's quite disheartening. Congratulations on your shop!!! I wish you unlimited success!!! I think the industry is beginning to change, although very slowly, as more women enter the field.

You are absolutely correct that not all tattoo artists are pigs and that not all tattoo shops are run this way, but look on average how many men cheat on their women who are not tattoo artists and who do not have constant temptation being thrown in their faces. Plus men can very easily separate having sex with someone and loving their families and their wives. Which is uncomfortable to think about but the truth of the matter is that men view sex very differently then women do.

Anyway, with as many different tattoo shops that I have worked in and with the experiences of almost all of the other female tattoo artists that I have met from across the USA they mirror my own so much it is frankly scary. What I have noticed is that if a girl has either a family member such as a brother, husband, or a boyfriend who works or owns the shop then she will not be harassed, but if none of your family is in the industry expect this behavior.

I think that more women in the tattoo industry need to talk about it more and they need to fight harder for changes and not have the "oh well it is just how the industry is" mentality. Fortunately, I have already took care of all of that nonsense and now I have a fully state licensed private tattoo studio: And thank you for your cyber hug: I am sorry you work ed in a shop with a bunch of pigs.

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BUT not every shop or every artist behaves like that. There IS a lot of sexual harassment in this industry, but that's the nature of the beast, My boss has a sign in his tattoo room that says, "Sexual harassment won't be reported, but it will be graded. Some day, I hope you will be successful enough, that you'll be able to start your own shop and you won't have to deal with that. This is a very flirtatious industry. No, that doesn't excuse the bad behavior you've had to deal with, but if you swim with sharks Take it with a grain of salt and punch the ones that can't take "NO" for an answer.

There are amazing things about this industry. Don't let a few jerks ruin your perspective. I am not dating a tattoo artist. I will never ever date a tattoo artist ever. I am a professional female tattoo artist and have been for many years I have worked in lots of all male tattoo shops and let me just clarify things for all the women out there who want to or are considering dating a male tattoo artist.

Ok to put it into perspective do all male rap stars or male rock stars cheat? No not all of them do but do most of them? The same is with male tattoo artists. Do all of male tattoo artists cheat? No, but sadly most of them do. So when you get into a relationship with a tattoo artist treat it like you are getting into a relationship with a hip hop star, and honestly ask yourself will this hip hop star that has naked women being thrown at himself all the time will he be faithful to me?

The answer most of the time is no. And one of these guys that literally said he wanted to do me has been married for 14 years to a very beautiful woman. He has 3 children with her and they attend church every Sunday morning together Oh and the whole time I was being sexually harassed they all knew that I had a boyfriend and still they tried like hell. Also at many points they would forget that I was at the shop in the back scrubbing tubes and the things that they would say about their wives and their girlfriends on the side and the hot female tattoo client that they just totally banged and they have pictures of and do all you guys wanna see?

Ladies, all I can say is if you feel you aren't good enough to keep him from cheating, then walk away. Like I said before, being a tattoo artist is a constant temptation for some people. You are putting your hands on people and sometimes in an intimate manner.

We all like it when someone finds us attractive. There is nothing wrong with appreciating a few nice words that come from your clients. Flirtation is NOT the same as infidelity. With that being said, if your man or woman can't resist the temptation to bang a tattoo groupie. No one deserves any less that to feel wanted, valued and appreciated by their significant other. I've been with my boyfriend for about a year and we are both in our mid 30's. He has been struggling with his career path for years and becoming a tattoo artist is his true dream and I've always supported him with it.

Im so happy for him and proud of him but deep down inside I'm really scared for our relationship as I know the strain its going to put on us as a couple. He's either going to be at the shop or at work and i fear I won't really fit in anywhere.

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I work a regular and i fear that we won't ever see each other and i will miss him and be lonely and he will be so consumed that he won't miss me. I trust him but I also get jealous knowing he will be working with female artists and on female clients. I just wonder if our relationship will survive this or if I will eventually be phased out bc i don't really fit into this new lifestyle. Any tips from any veteran girlfriends about how to make it work during this tough transition time? Right now my bf is a tattoo artist.. I just wish tht I could some how feel as if I comes before tattoos n money I pray things get better tho Im starting to understand what u mean.

Before my child, my ex and i owned a shop together for 5yrs till i left him. It was easy, we were together, it was fun. After becoming a mom, everything changes. My man does not have kids, but he is stressing out so much because we miss each other!!! I had been with my tattoo artist husband for four years and we have two kids. He works an hour out of town so with the extra commute and the long hours it is beginning to be unbearable. I work part-time days and he is home between at night.

I feel like a single mother. I am worn down and not the best mother I would like to be because I am so tired. I am thankful for the good income that tattooing provides but if I have to have this schedule much longer I going to snap. This is no way to live. How can we have good family time and stay in the tattoo industry? We just can't seem to figure it out. We are both getting so worn down. I just read your 2yr n then this one back to back.

Im a woman, and i have been a tattoo artist since Owner, employee, even worked from home. I know the life as an artist. After i had my son in , it was manditory i picked him up from daycare no later than 7: Some weekends i got to stay late when he went to grammas.

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    The Life of a Tattoo Shop Wife

    Well here i am. I hooked up with an apprentice, even moved my son miles to be together. I have become to hate facebook. He becomes friends with every single person, on his personal and his tattoo one, but let me tell you, this is a salon as well, with only atteactive, killer body hairstylists, and upstairs is the artist. His boss will not allow anyone there to be friends with me on facebook, as he thinks im trying to "spy" on my man. I know what it's like to be a tattoo artist and the flirting and the one night stands. Jealous is an understatement!!!

    I was actually googling to see if apprenticeship is considered a job and if his boss can make him stay late, because his boss made it very clear it be known to me that, that is his "JOB" n the shop closes when he says it does. What the hell am i supposed to think? His boss just got married has like 3 kids n flirts rediculously with the stylists. Of course im gonna ask my man if he is.

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    I know the answer. But my man has taken it to another level and talks about our When i brought it to his attention that i think this was his idea and or at least likes it this way. Its gone from, "i can handle this, just work on my insecurities" to "really, ur boss wont let u take a day off for my sons bday party?

    To, "wtf is really going on!!?? He said come hell or high water he is taking my bday v-day off n going to a wedding with me this weeken back home, he is not missing my bday.

    Thing is, he is so terrified he will get fired if he stands up for himself. He let alone cannot stand up for me, he said he has to think of a really good lie, like someone died. I told him he better not. I thought it would help me reading these This weekend is the true test, if he can't make it clear that he wont be there n of course i told him to tell him almost 2 months in advance, he waits till the day before , and stays in town instead I don't think i can continue to carry his load just apprentice means no money coming in sincerely, jealous, unworthy, and disrespected girlfriend I agree with the last two comments.

    I am older now, and in a relationship with a tattoo artist for over 2 years. If I tried this while I was in my twenties, I don't think I could have done it. It takes maturity and trust. The only thing I am having a hard time dealing with is the "cute, sexy women batting eyelashes constantly". And there are hordes of them! I also feel like I can't compete with them because they are 20 years younger than I am. I think I lost my cute bubbly sexiness - if I ever had it. So what I do: I trust him completely as far as cheating.

    There is no reason for me to not trust. If it turns out that he has cheated and I find out, it will be over. We cannot do this without the trust. He helps out by talking to me about his clients.

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    The other thing I do is work on myself. This situation is a great motivator for that. Trust issues from my last relationship.. My bf is the best artist in town, and he' also hott so I deal with cute, sexy woman batting lashes constantly. Last year I stayed away from the shop because it made me feel low, but over time not being around was like watching a stick slowly float away from the shore. He drifted and I just let him go until it was going to far.

    Once I made an effort and getting downtown for lunch breaks together our relationship got much better He lets me use his phone anytime, gave me the password to his fb when I felt insecure. Find a medium for yourself if you trust him. If its love, they'll do what it takes within reason to keep the relationship rolling. Being insecure doesn't bode well for you, if you are in a relationship with a tattoo artist or body piercer. We are in an industry that demands we get all "touchy, feely" with strangers.

    You either trust your significant other or you don't. Now, if your lover is a cheating piece of crap, then yes you have every right to act suspicious. I have been in this industry for going on 13 years and I have seen so many relationships ruined over insecurity and jealousy. Establishing boundaries is one thing, but when those boundaries prevent your partner from making money then they hurt more than help. And you have done nothing but show how insecure you really are.

    Yes, the tattoo groupies come and go but if you don't act like a jealous psycho, it's easy for your lover to turn them down. Nothing ruins a relationship faster than unfounded accusations. And nothing makes someone cheat faster, than constantly being accused of it. Jealousy is an ugly emotion and just shows that you don't trust your partner. If you don't trust your partner, why are in a relationship with them?!?! I met him before he was a full time artist. I trust him but then I don't know at the same time. Reading all the posts made me feel not so alone.

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    I see flirting done in front of my eyes he says he doesn't see it and I know he's very busy but it drives me crazy. He's gotten busier but I'd say obsessed. It's like dealing with a drug addict. Things used to be good but it's increasing getting to be non existant. I love him and he loves me but I'd almost rather cut the cord so i can just move on with my life. What's the point if they aren't there. I love the shit out of him. My boyfriend works with a female artist, and though i talk to her shes complete trash.

    They hired on way to many people a lot of competition and he has been barely paying his bills with only his clients, hardly any walk-ins. I'm not worried about girls he tattoos, he seems to be out of the normal and a very good guy.